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That 70’s Show Pretty Good

Austin, TX – George Benson told a group or reporters today that he thinks That 70’s Show is definitely decent.  “I catch the reruns whenever I can, makes me chuckle, I’ll tell ya,” George said.  “I used to sit around, smoke up, and talk to my friends about random shit when I was younger, so I totally relate.” That 70’s Show focuses on the lives of six high school students from the fictional town of Point Place, WI.  Over the years the characters get in to increasingly more preposterous jams and tough situations, which usually result in laughs for all involved.

That zany cast

“I really enjoy Fez, he’s even more zany than the rest of them!  Did you know that isn’t his real name?  It’s an acronym for ‘foreign exchange student.’ Clever!” George said.  “I like it when he yells ‘I said good day!’  Classic.”  George then added that he was “a lot like Eric Forman,” his Dad often called him a “dumbass,” and he was given the family station wagon when he turned 16.


Stoner Makes Perpetual Motion Device

Seattle, WA – Seattle area organic farmer and marijuana enthusiast John Tanner has singlehandedly-disproved stereotypes of stoners by making a working perpetual motion device. “Y’know, I wasn’t even trying to make one. Who would’ve thought that a gravity bong didn’t have to adhere to the laws of thermodynamics?” John remarked. “Ohhh, does anyone have some Cheetos? Perpetual motion gives me the munchies, man. Hey, my dreadlocks are really soft. I’ve never really felt them, man.”

The Device

Scientists have long considered a perpetual motion device impossible due to the established laws of physics. “The idea that you can create work without putting anything in, well, that’s the ultimate wet dream of the physicist,” said Dr. Marshall Baker of the University of Washington. “However, I guess it’s fitting that a pot head invented something that requires no input of energy.” Following hot on the heels of this discovery, Chet Heckler of Mobile, Alabama announced he had discovered the secret to cold fusion in his meth lab.

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