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Local Man Takes Notes During Episode of “Man vs. Wild”

Perkasie, PA – Citing his upcoming trip to Costa Rica, local businessman Frank Logue took detailed notes on the survival techniques Bear Grylls used on his trip to Belize for “Man vs. Wild.”  Frank believes that even though they are different nations, he may still face the same challenges on his family vacation.  “What if I get stranded on a man made raft for a day or two in the ocean and all I find is some rancid freshwater on a deserted island?” said Logue.  “If I do, now I’ll know how to give myself an enema and stay hydrated!”

Frank learning how to make a fire with two sticks

The part that most concerned Logue about being lost in the jungle was what to eat.  However, he believes that Grylls’ show has also prepared him well for that.  “He said I shouldn’t eat tree leaves that have a white milk coming out of them, but I can definitely eat a scorpion, a raw egg, or maggots with no worries,” Logue noted.  “I figure this one hour show has shown me enough wilderness survival training to spend a week in any conditions.”  When reached for comment, the Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, where Mr. Logue will be staying, said that he had called numerous times to inquire if there were any nearby beaches with “flotsam, jetsam, debris, or anything else that could be used to save water or build a shelter” as well as if there was a “good local helicopter pilot that could extricate him when the trip was over.”

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