Kids to Discuss “Cool Stuff”

Montville, NJ – Citing the need to get away from the rest of the Lake Valhalla country club patrons, local ten-year-olds Todd Osterman and Eddie Seifert plan to swim out to the far docks to converse about developments in the area of cool stuff.  “We would do it here at the snack bar, but we don’t need everyone hearing what we’re talking about,” Osterman said.  “The debate of Sour vs. Fizzy Warheads is just heating up and where we stand on this key cool issue is nobody’s business.”

Far dock during fat kid/thin kid summit

The far docks are made up of two floating pontoons located approximately 50 meters from the shore of the lake and have seen many cool discussions over the years.  Notable topics from past cool meetings on the dock include “Doritos or Fritos,” what really is the best level in Goldeneye for N64, what to do with all the money in the world, which teacher is the worst in school, and many others.  Seifert said that they are fun to swim to, but don’t always allow for supreme privacy.  “I remember the last time we were out there having an incredibly thorough cool discussion, I think it was the longest lifespan of a Gigapet, and Ben Graenemy swam up.  That pretty much ruined it,” declared Seifert.  “That kid stinks.”  As we went to press, Todd and Eddie were waiting for the 13-year-old girls to adjourn their far dock conference regarding who was “hot-or-not” before they could swim out.

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