Racing Driver Declares Auto Racing a Sport

Sonoma, CA – Scattered reports from Infineon Raceway in California say that Dario Franchitti, driver of the #10 Target car, today called auto racing a sport.  “Our sport is tough, all the sitting and turning, it takes a lot out of you,” Franchitti said after practice.  “Look at my thumbs, there’s blisters!  Ringo Starr had those when he was in The Beatles, so we know that racing is at least as tough as the sport of mediocre drumming!”

Franchitti using pure brute strength to pull out of the pits.

Franchitti has been a staunch advocate of auto racing being a sport.  He says that the g-forces exerted on the body are equal to, if not greater than that of the high contact sport of being a fighter pilot.  According to Franchitti, they even have to limit races to two hours because of the physicality.  When asked why nobody actually watched IndyCar racing and why it wasn’t on ESPN, Franchitti started talking about how his suit was “fireproof” and how he once “flipped the car twice in two weeks.”  He then proceeded to complain about a hangnail that’s been bothering him


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