Lyndon LaRouche Comparing Everyone to Hitler

Rochester, NH – Perennial grouch, coot, and codger Lyndon LaRouche has now decided that everyone is Hitler.  “I wish I had figured this out 40 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time,” LaRouche declared.  Since having this revelation, LaRouche says that work has become so much easier for him.  “Obama is Hitler, both Bushes were Hitler, Putin is Hitler, in retrospect, Chester A. Arthur was a bit like Hiter.   And don’t get me started on Hitler!”

LaRouche doesn't compare himself to Hitler

LaRouche has not limited this realization to those in the public spotlight.  His family and friends have been included in this new outlook.  “I used to have to think of elaborate similes for my family members and how disappointing they were, but this is much easier.  Hell, even my granddaughter Becky is a little Hitler, she made such shitty brownies for my birthday.”   When asked for comment, Becky blamed the bad brownies on “the Jews.”

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