Zach Galifianakis to Play Eccentric, Bearded Friend

Hollywood, CA – Claiming the need for a versatile actor who has done it all and been everywhere, Steven Spielberg today announced that Zach Galifianakis

Galifianakis in an earlier role

will be playing Tom Hanks’ eccentric, bearded friend in his next film, The Terminal 2: Roadtrip.  “As usual, I didn’t want someone who has been typecast into a certain role.  Marty (Scorsese) suggested Zach after seeing the veritable cornucopia of characters he played in Out Cold, The Hangover, G-Force, Youth in Revolt, Dinner for Schmucks, and on HBO in Bored to Death,” Spielberg said.  “He can just adapt to anything.”  Galifianakis will be playing Armin Karmopoulous, a Greek traveler who befriends Hanks at customs during his second trip to America.  Plot details are scarce at the moment, but our set insider reports that the two “rent a Ford Festiva, travel to unusual locations across America, and pick up a few strange new friends along the way.”

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